We’re excited to be featured in Harper’s Bazaar Digital Online Magazine published from ITP at Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates.  Our Founder Carolyn met with Gina Tadros, Editor In Chief to talk about the fascinating and breathtaking launch of Arabian Silver onto the London fashion arena in a very short time!  Harper's Bazaar Arabia Digital Magazine has just been launched from January 2017.  It's available in Arabic language.  

If you speak Arabic, here’s the link :


The English translation is as follows:

I’m always on the look out for a new story and a brand which I have been following for a while called Arabian Silver, a UK company, their website is,  I had an opportunity to meet with the founder Carolyn Heaton in Dubai recently to hear all about her exciting news about the business.

Carolyn explained that the business in the fine jewellery arena developed very quickly and a website has only been up and running for a year now.  It all began while exploring opulent souks in the Arab world, where she was able to source exquisitely stunning , exotic one of a kind pieces.  Carolyn decided to start designing her own jewellery using stones from many global destinations, and had the collection made up by long-standing experienced silver and goldsmiths in the Arabic region, from families with a strong history of attention to detail in the jewellery world. 

Whether you’re a customer looking for that mesmerising design, a fashion house needing glamour on your floor, Arabian Silver has gorgeous gold, stunning silver, unique fresh water pearls and to die for precious and semi-previous stones.  The jewellery is a mix between fine jewellery and “boho-chic”, liked by Fenwicks of Bond Street, amongst others and followed by a number of interesting people and fashion houses on Instagram for instance, Pamandgela (Juicy Couture Founders), Times Fashion Desk London, Hello Arabia Magazine and Montblanc.  February 2017 will be exciting for Arabian Silver as they will stock in “one of Britain’s best boutiques”, according to Vogue which is Wolf and Badger in Nottinghill, London. 

It’s very exciting for Arabian Silver to bring lovely jewellery and also important to “give back” to communities in UK and throughout the world.  If you take a look at the website under the heading “About Us”, you can read all about the company.   Live coverage is on the Instagram account @arabiansilver, so keep updated here, and on facebook too!

Gina Tadros