About Us

Brand new to the luxury jewellery scene, Arabian Silver is already causing a stir particularly on the London arena.  Founder of Arabian Silver Carolyn comments that the brand developed very quickly in less than 6 months. The brand began back in 2016 while exploring hidden souks in the Arabian Peninsula. We design and source exquisitely stunning, exotic and opulent pieces, some one of a kind for those who like to be unique and "different from the rest".  Of Irish and British backgrounds we make playful designs taking you from beach to city, from work to party. Spending time with my Armenian grandmother in Ireland in the kitchen were some of the best days of my life says Carolyn, the primary designer of Arabian Silver. The Persian carpets on walls scared the Irish community.  The postman didn’t know where she came from and called her the White Russian.  She was an earth mother, my mother sent me to her every day for afternoon sleeps in her silk lined bed, and she served me hot milk and home made jam tarts after school from a day with the catholic nuns. She painted my nails red and I said the nuns may not like that and I won’t say her reply!  My lovely Irish grandmother was always happy, growing vegetables and selling in her shop, her husband had a vibrant pub in Cork celebrating all things Cork banter.

Arabian Silver is a business that prides itself on private, bespoke service, attention to detail and un-rushed talks with clients.  

Have fun browsing and remember to follow us on Instagram @arabiansilver for up to the minute information on sales and discounts.