This season at Arabian Silver is all about layering, embellished, luxury designs for the cooler times ahead. A few Arabian Silver pieces added to your wardrobe work wonders for the busy girl running from work to party to travel and likes to operate on a “capsule lifestyle”. There’s nothing nicer than having a good sort out of your wardrobe, right? to clear space and make it easy to get dressed in the morning, whether it’s a school run, gym workout or high profile business meeting in the boardroom. Arabian Silver jewellery works great with muted, autumnal tones, and also will compliment a brightly coloured choice to add an extra “wow factor pop of colour”. What we love about our jewellery is that it makes a travelling wardrobe interesting, adding different moods with our varied style of jewellery. From luxurious blue quartz, dazzling and bright green spinel, tangerine statement gems, black lava stone, and more, we’re sure there’s something for everyone.

Looking online is super for ideas, and also come see and try our jewellery in person at our array of different venues in the UK and Arabia. We have upcoming events on the East Coast of England, London, Dubai and Jeddah. Drop us an email on for a list of venues and dates to see our super new collection.

Fancy a chat? Then we’re here to talk too, just email us and we can give you our direct line.

Have a lovely autumn, talk soon!

The Arabian Silver Team.

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