Spring Clean 2019!

Shopping from my own wardrobe. I’m on a mission. I’m quite a minimalist at heart and for those of you who have come to see me at home you’ll agree. I like clean lines, clean surfaces, clean windows and if you stand still you’ll get cleaned too!  Though I have a super power to tidy and hide everything away, so whenever it was house moving time, it was a mini nightmare to find a place for everything.  

Regarding clothes, I don’t spend a lot of money on, as I tend  to have a lot of collections for European and Middle East living.  There’s something complicated with dressing for four seasons a year or better still 4 seasons every hour in UK!!  My favourite style is skinny jeans, white tee shirt, trainers and a long silk, floor length kimono.  Though tricky for rainy days out and about in the English countryside of Suffolk.  However Spring and Summer will allow again for this style, with a nice cross body handbag.  I’m also trying to minimise what I carry around as I’m a desperate girl for keeping the kitchen cupboards in my handbag.  

Jewellery is my saviour and a good manicure, hair game from a salon and that’s me ready to go.  I like stone bracelets the best as I can just wrap them on fast and I’m sorted.  I don’t generally over think how I look especially in Suffolk as really anything goes here.  People are unique and individual and generally follow own style.  I up my game when I travel as it’s a time to shut down from the daily routine, to another routine yes, but a change of planning is always a good way to get a new way of thinking.

I like following a range of fashion bloggers as well and this is where I get a lot of inspiration from for making life clear and straightforward as I chase the tasks  🌍





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