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We’ve had a busy season designing and sourcing fantastic one-off pieces of exotic jewellery from far away destinations.  Next season is promising to be encouraging as we showcase our new designs.

At Arabian Silver we may not put everything on line on, as we have a number of events planned in the UK leading up to the end of the year and these special collected treasures will go very quickly as we have experienced at previous private events.  We found embellished, creamy coloured fresh water pearl pendants, black coral and lava stone stacking bracelet, pretty sterling silver charm bracelets, agate jewellery with encrusted dazzling gemstones, statement Indian style glamorous earrings, one of a kind rings and so much more!  Please email us for planned event venues and dates.

 We have been connecting with people who are interested to run their own Arabian Silver Jewellery Party which is very exciting to expand the business to our partner programme.  If you are interested to join in on this business opportunity, please email us at the below address. 

Arabian Silver is also launching a Blogger Affiliate Programme for established and emerging bloggers in the fashion industry, who would like to advertise our jewellery on their own website and work in association with us as an agent and gain generous commission on sales.    Again email us for details. 

 Over on Instagram Arabian Silver has set up another account named @voguelifestyledxb to connect with our associations in the middle east.  It’s a fun account and also has followers globally, so if you would like to connect with this account, please feel free to do so.  Our well established account @arabiansilver has a healthy following and is growing at an exciting pace.

During the summer, we ran a photoshoot in Dubai,  in association with the designer Jody Bell.  Do check out her beautiful creations on  Jody is an inspiring designer and was a pleasure to deal with for the collaboration. 

 As always it’s very exciting to work as an emerging designer in the jewellery arena and for our upcoming events we also like to give something back, as we work through our business.  Therefore we choose local UK charities to support during the season.   This season for every piece of jewellery purchased from Arabian Silver, we donate £1 towards aid relief to the International Red Cross to help with the earthquake disaster fund in Italy   

If you see anything on line that you fancy and would like to talk further before purchasing, do email us to discuss any concerns.  We will give you our direct phone number if you would like to contact us, or for us to call you.  Bearing in mind Arabian Silver still prides itself on being a bespoke jewellery company and our customers are top priority as always.  There should be more designer jewellery going on line, so keep an eye out for never seen pieces. 

We size our rings on the American sizing chart, and find the most popular size is 7.  We advise people who are unsure of their size to take one of their own personal rings to a reputable jeweller and ask for it to be sized. This will give you a good indication of what you are looking for.  Fingers swell and contract during hot and cold weather, therefore bear in mind what finger you wish to wear the ring on and at what general temperature. 

Our team generally meet in London, the East of England, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.  If you would like to view our jewellery please enquire via email of our diary movements and we would be more than happy to fit you in for a private meeting, under no obligation. 

We leave you with our email address which is for all enquiries for Arabian Silver. 

Enjoy the new season and we look forward to connecting with you again soon.


The Arabian Silver Team.







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