Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood is making a comeback!  Glamour really never goes out of fashion, what I would say is that day to day life is busy for most girls, running around, chasing the day and feeling pressurised to tip up at meetings, dinner occasions and events looking smart and together!  Not easy, hey if you’re juggling a family, home and work in one lovely cocktail timeline.  Fear no more, Arabian Silver has your perfect candy coloured, delicious jewellery ready to wear to compliment jeans to a show-stopping dinner engagement. 


What’s your favourite colour?  Juicy tangerine, citrus burst, grass green, mesmerising aqua, deep blue or sparkling amythest.   We have all this for you to brighten up the dullest of  days and carry you through feeling insanely opulent and exotic.  Mix up dress styles, from leggings with a white shirt, covered up with a floor length, long silk cardigan, and a pair of flat comfortable pumps from beach or city to the airport.  When travelling always remember to accessorise with a bundle of sparkling stacks, silk scarves and a couple of handbags to change your look.  You have time only for a carry-on sized suitcase after all.  Enjoy the day from us, talk soon!

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