Easter Time

Hi Everyone!


Time for an Easter blog.  Hope you’re all enjoying the relaxing weekend, wherever you may be.  Here at Arabian Silver it’s been a busy few months since launching in January.  In addition to selling on-line, we can arrange private viewings for you to see our jewellery.  Broadly we fix these appointments in London, East Anglia and Dubai.  So if you’re around in any of these locations, it would be lovely to meet up in the coming months. 

If you possess an Instagram account, you will notice we have been inviting fashion bloggers and anyone who is interested to get on board with Arabian Silver as a designer jewellery agent.  It’s a fun and rewarding business that will keep any fashionista on her/his toes!  We offer considerate discounts depending on quantities of our brand purchased.  Start off as small or as big that motivates with our delicious, playful variety of jewels.  We’ve got pop up events booked for the coming months in restaurants and homes, hence if you would like to add to our listing, we would be delighted to connect and take things forward. 

If you’re a fashion boutique, department store, etc, we would be pleased to listen to your desires should you wish to expand to new jewellery designers.

Enjoy the break, and talk soon!

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