Sugar and Spice and all things nice!

Hi People!

Thought it was time to torture you with another blog.  We’re excited to announce that there’s going to be more exciting very long strings of freshwater pearls available for Summer 16 plus stacker pearl bracelets on an elasticated band for effortless adorning.  Nations have been viewing our latest insane range of jewellery in the UK and Saudi,  furthermore soon new styles will be on line.  In the meantime check out our on-line staples and also if you have an Instagram account, you’ll see an extravagant array of Arabian Silver jewellery au fait to party over.  Catch sight of a thing you like, break the news to us on  we’ll peer in our collection for you to see if it’s still in stock and dispatch that straight over.  Generally we find that people like to see the jewellery in person, so if you’re in London, East Coast of England or Dubai in the coming months let us know so that we can inform you of meet up venues. 


In the meantime there has been a lot in the press recently on sugar, so we though to share Carolyn Heaton’s published article on same issue from 2012 in a US publication.  Btw it should have read “The Sweet Truth”, but got lost in translation between UK and US, lol.  She’s a little bothered sharing work, as she doesn’t like reading over published pieces, but thought it was topical.  Please don’t share with anyone she knows, far too embarrassing.  Carolyn is a qualified food scientist, who loved nutrition research, but couldn’t stand the maths and physics that went along with the degree course.  It’s good these days that students don’t necessarily have to take appalling subjects at University or College in order to qualify in the space they are nuts about.  Don’t be in pain if you don’t achieve the grades you desired.  After qualifying it’s all about what you do from that Launchpad.  Apart from all this gossip, dieting is a bore, but I need to lose a few pounds before appearing on the summer arena.  Winter fashion is cool, but it does waver good eating habits a little.  Time to get the swim suit out!!

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